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ATTENDANCE: To get the most out of your dance program, students should attend class as regularly as possible. If your child is going to be absent, please send us an email to let us know If it is an occasional absence, your child will be fine and we'll catch them up the following class. If your child is out for an extended amount of time, please make arrangements for private lesson make up class. Private lessons are a separate charge.

TARDINESS: Please arrive on time as the warm-up and technique portion at the beginning of class is important. Each interruption distracts the students and instructors in session.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: During winter months, if ever there's a question as to if we are holding classes please be sure to check this website We will also post on our facebook page, but the website is our main resource. Please do not expect us to call you. NOTE: decisions are usually made 1 hour prior to class time. We do not automatically cancel when school is cancelled. As always, please use your own discretion.

CANCELLATION POLICIES: The first class cancelled, WILL NOT be made up per class per day. Any additional classes beyond that one cancellation that will be made up at a later date. 

VACATIONS DAYS: You will receive a studio calendar via email marking all vacation days. You can also refer to this website on Dates To Remember page. NOTE: We have many students from a variety of towns-our schedule does not always coincide with your school calendar.

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