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Your child must be turning the appropriate required age by December 31st. The age your child will be on December 31st is the age bracket they are placed in for class.

BALLET/TAP COMBO:Ages 21/2-7 (we will not be accepting new students under the age of 4 during covid safety guidelines)

This is a Combo class where younger students are introduced to both Ballet and Tap. Students come into class with their Ballet shoes on and carry in their Tap shoes. Half way through class, teachers and assistants help change their shoes. In addition to learning French terms for Ballet and beginner Tap steps, pre-school classes have creative movement incorporated in to make class not only educational but also fun for them. We play dance games that incorporate counting, ABC's, colors, rhymes, directional skills, refined motor skills, and memorization skills. The older students in this category are introduced to more advanced steps with more straight dance time and less creative movement. Our goal is to have constructive learning made fun. Both a Ballet and a Tap dance are performed in the recital.

BALLET:Ages 7 & up *See dress code page-shoes are different from combo classes

Our 45-minute Ballet technique class allows students to have more concentrated Ballet training-what we believe is the basis of all dancing. For example, if you want to be a great Tap or Jazz dancer, you should be training in Ballet to refine your skills with proper posture, strength, endurance, grace and agility. Class includes barre technique, stretching, center floor work and across the floor progressions all concentrated in classical ballet. We primarily teach the Checcetti method.

TAP: Ages 7 and up *See dress code page-shoes are different from combo classes

Tap class consists of classic Tap steps, Rhythm Hoofer Tap, Broadway Tap, recognizing rhythms, timing, and upper body style. Class includes learning all single, double, and triple sounds in addition to center Tap warm up/technique, center floor work and across the floor progressions. You are sure to see Charles Goddertz's influence in our Tap program. Our Tap is very New York.

JAZZ: Ages 5 and up

Get ready to dance dance dance! While time-honored and traditional Jazz technique is the basis of our Jazz program, fun and funky moves commonly referred to as "Video Dancing" puts flair to our classes. Jazz class begins with a full warm up including body isolations, followed by across the floor progressions and center floor combos.

ACROBATICS: Ages 5 and up

Acrobatics is similar to Gymnastics, but is all floor work and encompasses some "contortion tricks" all with an artistic flair. Mats are used for most of the training, but are not always used in some or all of the performance to avoid restriction on choreographic artistry. Our Acro program reinforces motor skills, coordination, discipline, strength, flexibility, and of course tumbling!!!

ADVANCED ACRO REQUIREMENTS: Advanced Acro does not have a specific age range. It is based off of physical ability. The acrobat must be able to do a combination of ariels, handsprings, contortion and tucks. They do not have to be all of them, but a combination of several.

If your child has been training in acro at The Studio and wants to be considered for Advanced Acro, please email us and we will give an assessment.

If your child has trained somewhere else in Acro or Gymnastics and wants to be considered, please email us and we'll make a time to meet for an in person assessment.


Lyrical is a mixture of Ballet and Jazz that is expressive, sometimes abstract, and tells a story either within the song, the dance or both. Flexibility, balance, body lines, control and emotional presentation are taught in this class.

Twirling - strutting - tosses taught from beginner to advance. Students are taught basic twirls to intricate tosses while having fun "strutting their stuff."

HIP HOP:Ages 5 and up

Hip Hop is an urban dance style that includes popping, locking, break dancing, freestyle & funk. Learn phat and fly funky steps.

POINTE: An extension of Ballet doing technique en pointe. Students must be approved by director. Years of training, age and readiness are all taken into consideration.


This is a Combo class where younger students are introduced to both Acro(tumbling) and Hip Hop/ Students come to class with any type of sneaker that are used exclusively for the studio and will start class with Hip Hop. Half way through class, they will do acro/tumbling. There is one dance performed in the recital incorporating Hip Hop and/or Acro.

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