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FALL INTENSIVES is for the serious minded dancer who wants to train hard and seriously while developing refined technique without going to competitions. So if you either don’t have the desire for competitions or are not able to make the major sacrifices it takes to commit to a Competitive Team, but you still want to work at an intensive level, this is a great option for you. 

The purpose of the half hour classes is to be able to fit all subjects in on one day. Intensives dancers train in multiple disciplines of dance. Many Intensives dancers take all of the subjects. This is for students who want to be pushed, can take corrections and apply them.

Intensives dancers are required to take a minimum of FOUR subjects for Fall Intensives and be well versed in those subjects. Conditioning and Ballet are mandatory for all Fall Intensives students. Intensives dancers are expected to make their Intensives classes a priority above all other activities. Intensives dancers should only miss class due to illness and this should not be abused. Tardiness is not acceptable. 

Dancers must attend a minimum of three weeks of Summer Intensives to continue their training and in order to be considered for the Fall Intensives Program. There is not a guaranteed position each season. Dancers must attend a minimum of three weeks training in Summer Intensives and continue to progress with advanced technique.

Prior training, knowledge and proficiency in Ballet is necessary. Intensives Program is for students ages 9-18 and final approval from the director.

Intensives will have a recital routine for the subjects they train in ie. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop. The Intensive Program will also have extra performance opportunities such as public performances at local events. We also take trips to NCY to take a dance class on Broadway and go see a Broadway show. We often have either a group lunch or dinner depending on the schedule for some bonding time. This is a great program to give dancers solid technical training, exposue to divers dance and performing arts culture and have some extra performance opportunities doing what they love.


Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, optional black spandex shorts for Ballet (no skirts) tights can be footed, footless, convertible or stirrup. Black leotard can be any style solid black leo.

All other subjects black ankle length leggings worn over leotard and tights. *no color waistbands on shorts or leggings.

Black or skin toned bras only (no colors)

Hair in neat slicked back secured bun.

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