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What is a recital? Dance is a visual art. One misconception is the recital is where the student shows off everything he/she has learned in a whole year at dancing school. The recital should be part of the learning process, which is going on all year. There should have been enough growth and information learned during the year that it could not all be stuffed into a short routine on the stage. The classroom is where they are challenged and introduced to new levels of curriculum. The stage is where they perform what is comfortable and polished. The recital is a place where students can demonstrate how much they progress from year to year-where they can feel secure in doing a job well done and can gain self-confidence.

RECITAL & DRESS REHEARSAL: Dress Rehearsal Thursday May 4, 2023 Recital Saturday, May 6th 2023. DISCLAIMER: RHAM HS reserves the right to cancel or change the dates if a school function takes precedence. .NOTE: Recital is optional. Anyone who chooses not to be in the recital should let us know in writing by November 15th. Dress rehearsal is mandatory for anyone who does want to be part of the recital. Students get to watch each other from the audience on rehearsal. Our recital has proven to be a great learning experience for students and enjoyable for audiences year after year. It’s a quick running professional show in 2 ½ hrs. or less.

A zero account balance is required in order to participate in dress rehearsal and recital.

RECITAL FEE: There will be a RECITAL FEE of $50 per household to cover the expenses that go into the production of the recital.

RECITAL COSTUMES: Although 99% of our students choose to participate in the annual recital, it is not mandatory. We will be returning to our regular costume deposit and balance schedule. Costume deposits are due by November 15th. Costume balances will be emailed the beginning of January and due by the end of January. Please let us know in writing via email by November 15th if you are opting out of the recital. Also note, there is a $50 recital fee per family due March 15th for those participating in the recital. 

We order spectacular costumes for our students at reasonable prices. Single subject costumes ie. Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Acro ostumes range from $65-$80 depending on class, style, and quality. Ballet/Tap Combo has 2 costumes, is considered one class/$50 deposit and totals in the $95-$110 range. Hip Hop and Baton Class costumes include sneakers and range in the $90-$110 range. Intensives level costumes can be $85-$120.

Costumes are typically sent home 1-2 weeks prior to recital date. Note: we remove our costumes from original packaging, steam them, put them on hangers, cover with a garment bag and all tags are removed.

In the unlikely event your child doesn't finish out the year, costumes must be paid for in full and you will receive your costume or you will lose your deposit. If you opt to pay the balance, you will receive your costume(s) at the same time all other students receive theirs and not before. Costumes can be mailed to you or arrangements can be made for pick up. Costumes will be disbursed and presented in the same manner as all other students. 

RECITAL TICKETS:  Everyone watching the recital will need a ticket. These tickets will go on sale approx. several weeks before the recital. Students and their moms do not need tickets because they will be backstage in their dressing area the entire time. Dance moms will have a special seating section in the audience at the recital to watch their child’s dance then return to dressing room.

VIDEO TAPING: Video, digital & flash cameras are allowed at dress rehearsal ONLY. No cameras of any type during the recital. This rule is for the safety of the dancers (not getting blinded by flashes) and the enjoyment & consideration of the audience (not having view blocked by someone's camcorder or people constantly in and out of their seats). Anyone who goes against these rules will be asked to leave. A professional videographer will create an edited production of the entire recital for those who are interested.

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